Mrinalini Ghadiok & Sneha Ullal Goel

Mrinalini Ghadiok is an architect, writer, and design culturist. Her work over the last 15 years has blurred the boundaries between architectural practice and discipline through extensive experience in education, editorial for print and digital media, and curatorial proficiency. With a deep interest in understanding creative impulses and their role in shaping future histories, her focus lies in challenging normative discourse by orchestrating dialogue and creating exceptional design narratives through critical writing and publishing. Bringing a global perspective to Indian architecture and design, she hopes to widen the gamut of creative practice in the country and help posit it on an international stage.
Sneha Ullal Goel is a brand storytelling specialist, experience curator, design culturist and educator with 15 years of experience, collaborating with over 30+ design, craft, home decor, real estate, luxury, fintech and social impact organisations in India and around the world. Thanks to her former experience as a prolific design journalist, she continues to actively champion Indian-born and bred talent, hoping to contribute, in some solemn way, towards plotting the country on the world map of design.