Who we are

Architecture and design are part of a creative industry that’s constantly evolving. The last two decades, especially, have witnessed a major transition. With the pandemic and the current climate crisis forcing us to question the way we live, eat, travel and consume things, Architecture is playing a central role in rethinking our future by helping us navigate spatially. It offers designs solutions for an environmentally sustainable future, human- centric approach, versatile living, efficient usage of our resources and more- helping us seek a CONSCIOUS LIFE!

At Conscious Collective, an initiative by Godrej Design Lab, we seek to bring together professionals from the industry to celebrate this conscious future. Our objective is to bring together like- minded professionals who will reimagine a more sustainable future and act as ambassadors to explore possibilities of a world that is much healthier and greener for us and for our future generations.

The annual soiree: December 09 and 10, 2023 Conscious Collective will witness experiences that we have curated with distinguished professionals from the industry. Design patrons from Mumbai and beyond will celebrate the possibility of a conscious future through installations, concept designs, workshops, conversations and more…