Textile tropics: An urban forest sensorium

By Chhail Khalsa, Textile Designer & Founder, Anuvad Innovation Studio

An intriguing installation by textile designer & founder of Anuvad Innovation Studio, Chail Khalsa, introducing 'smart textiles' to the world. This installation beautifully merges design, nature, and well-being, with a focus on collective better living. Textile Tropics showcases how design can positively impact our wellbeing, community and the environment. An abstract urban forest, woven from diverse traditional textiles, serves as the installation’s centerpiece. This sensory wonder is enhanced by sensors embedded in the textiles. This immersive encounter underlines the connection between design and environmental consciousness. 'Textile Tropics' is an ode to conscious design. It reminds us that thoughtful design can reshape our perception of collective better living.