The room of reflection

Co-Curated by Liza Goldberg, NASA Biospheric Researcher & Google Developer Expert

Step into a world where nature's marvels come to life. The room of reflection offers a captivating journey through the heart of one of the Earth's most essential ecosystems. Here, you'll witness the thriving biodiversity of mangroves, where vibrant flora and fauna create a delicate balance that sustains life both below and above the water's surface. In this immersive experience, you'll come face to face with the extraordinary inhabitants of the mangroves – from the intricate root systems that provide refuge for countless marine species to the exotic birds that find sanctuary amidst the branches. But there's more to this story than sheer wonder. It is a call to action. As you explore this lush world, you'll also confront the urgent need to safeguard these vital ecosystems. The preservation of mangroves is not just an environmental cause; it's a commitment to securing our own future.
The room of reflection has been co-curated by researcher, Liza Goldberg.