Architecture in a time of flux

Towards a multiplicity of modes of practice

Rahul Mehrotra,
Founder & Principal, RMA Architects

Today, flux and uncertainty characterise our planetary condition. Flux is present in our climatic, political, economic, and cultural circumstances. The lecture will focus on the question of understanding the nature of flux and its implications for architecture within the larger culture of how the profession and the academy situate these questions. It will discuss the challenges of designing for ‘transitions’ versus the approach of ‘absolute’ solutions that characterise much of mainstream practice and pedagogy. Mr Mehrotra’s presentation will also expand on architectural projects that emblematically represent how one might respond to and engage with thinking about transitions but presented to resonate with questions for the profession globally. Central to this presentation will be issues of the multiplicity of modes of engagement, scales of operation, and differing manifestations of the agency of architecture to respond to flux.