How do we sustain sustainability?

Jamshyd Godrej
Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce

Madhav Pai,
CEO, WRI India

Manvendra Singh Shekhawat
Founder, Dhun

Moderated by
Faye D'Souza,
Founder & Editor, Beatroot News

Sustainability today is regarded as an umbrella term that addresses the environmental crisis of clean air and water, reuse and recycling, and a fear of digital anarchy. But instead of looking at ‘sustainability’ as an objective, perhaps we should consider and acknowledge that it is, in fact, subjective—and in this acceptance, we might be able to understand why it is such a challenge to sustain. Communities around the world address ecological and environmental concerns differently—basis their own understanding and lifestyles. How can we then, initiate endeavours that can speak to each individual and community alike? The idea of forging a sustainable society sounds simple: providing clean air and water; harmonious co-existence with the environment; consumer items recycled as the raw material for new products; and people living and working in a connected world. However, how reasonable is this transformation? Here, one size may not fit all.